Three Seconds Later


Three Seconds Later is a work that while using movement/passage through the urban space is emitting back into that same space captured voices, sounds and noises with a three-seconds delay.

Thus it deconstructs the ostensible structure produced by the voice-sound auto affect while demonstrating that it is incompatible with the opportune movement through the same space.

May 2011

Within ‘Art of Urban intervention: Transformation Spots’, project by < rotor > association for contemporary art, Graz; University of J. E. Purkyne, Usti nad Labem; [BLOK] – Local base for cultural refreshment, Zagreb; The Blue House Foundation, Amsterdam; Institute of Contemporary Art, Sofia and NABA – New Academy of Fine Arts, Milano.

“The thematic of this project is a natural continuation of the ICA–Sofia activities in relation to the Visual Seminar project, organised between 2003 and 2006. It will be engaged with the issues of gentrification (visual and otherwise); in exploring the stages of the introduction of neo-capitalism and the construction of a new urban class of consumers through visual and other material markers in our city and society; in the shifting role of the artists and intellectual in the public debate; in exploring the urban specifics of the existence of (usually) invisible and underprivileged minorities.”

For forward information:
Institute of Contemporary Art, Sofia


© Copyright Kiril Kuzmanov