We live in a reality that more and more vividly reveals the fragmentary essence of our perception of the world.

A conditional fragment of an ‘imagery’ space is switched by a moving digital image –a record of reality.

Are the fragments through which we perceive the present an outset to our perception of what is beyond our present?


A video of a wave is played on the screen –it crashes on the Black Sea shore just in front of a person that overlaps the one painted by Udo.

An obscure sound system disperses sounds–procedurally determined by the spatial location of the people interacting with the work/space–from the roaring North Sea and envelopes the whole gallery space.

In augmented overlap, the sound, the painted figure from Normandy, and the video generate a switch in-between geographic places, ‘realities’, media, and time, subjectively converging in the peoples’ minds.

Kiril Kuzmanov, May 2008

The work comprises: 

  • An emptied museum hall.
  • Seascape from Normandy”, oil on canvas, Rolan Udo 1897-1981, painting from the collection of The National Gallery of Foreign Art, Sofia, BG.
  • Three seconds video on an 86x56mm video screen bound to a 4mm plexiglass sheet set at a 12 cm distance from the painting.
  • A sound (noise) from the North Sea (passes through the entire gallery space) is generatively determined by the location of the people interacting with the work. 

By Kiril Kuzmanov
Camera: Lubomir Draganov
Sound mastering: Todor Stoyanov

© Copyright Kiril Kuzmanov