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The work has been realised in-between the space of two municipality run institutions – Sofia Art Gallery and the Women’s Market (right before its demolition and redevelopment) – mainly through the exchange of the predetermined workplace, but not the actives, of several institutions’ associated employees or professionals.

Location: Sofia Art Gallery

A stall from the Women’s Market with fruit and vegetable
Documentary Object (plywood, pigment print on paper, marker)
Maya Angelova (self-producing and distributing farmer)  – a total of six working days in the gallery 

Location:  Women’s Market:

A Rolling Object (240/300/60) associated with both locations (plywood, digital print on vinyl 2×225 / 300 cm.,
2×225 / 600 cm, marker, four wheels);
Five folding chairs with a stand (plywood, vinyl) inventory and catalogues with the gallery departments full collection of works
Vladiya Mihaylova, Daniela Radeva and Stanislava Nikolov (Sofia Art Gallery curators of various departments) – a total six
working days at the market

kiril-kuzmanov-disappearance-of-the-content-21. Administrative centre of Sofia
2. Sofia Art Gallery
3. The retailer
4. Woman’s Market, Sofia
5. The curators’ location
6. Rolling object associated with both sites



_При_видността на съдържанието
kiril kuzmanov (dis)appearance of the content 2
The demolition of the Women’s Market, August 2014 


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