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     The mix-media installation 3/7/4 (2009-2010) leads back to a concrete situation: at his final examination, Kiril Kuzmanov wrote words on the wooden floor in the examination hall with a water-sucked cloth, which very soon evaporated. This poetical-political act as comment on institutionalization of a certain aesthetical language at the academia the was both non-discursive and self-contained, for this reason irritating. 3/7/4 consists of a wooden showcase, photographs – fragments of the hall as well as a hand-written text – the evaporated draft. 3/7/4 is an archive,at the same time an aesthetic consideration as to question of materiality – and thus it continues to think the conceptual setting in the examinationís hall. Whereas concept artists in the 70s were writing down their concepts into legal contracts and thus materialising it, Kiril Kuzmanov creates an aesthetic documentation- a further expression in space using material, as Stanislav Pamukchiev describes the original work.

               Viktoria Draganova

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