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Kiril Kuzmanov Ice-Cream and Aviation


Ice-cream and Aviation (2014-) is an independent work in progress, which is a denouement of my process of
communication and friendship with the Bulgarian parachute pioneer, instructor, skydiver, pilot, and prolific model maker Kiro Kirov (1927-2016) – a vital part of which is the introduction, for the first time, of his full collection of about 500 wooden airplanes in a 1:100 scale. The collection was created over a period of more than 30 years. It maps out an invaluable and unique way of dealing with the history of aviation from its birth to the present.

It is a project about passion and curiosity. It is the focal point at which the complex interconnections between desire and ability, the virtual and the real, the concrete and the potential, the utilitarian and the non-pragmatic, the dreamlike and the actual converge with Kirov’s obsession with aircraft, his experience in aviation, his systematic studying and creating of airplane models, and the joy he derives from eating ice-cream.
Kiro Kirov (1927-2016) was born in Radomir, Bulgaria, in 1927. He was a member of the National Parachute Jumping Team, with which he won many international and world championships. After WWII, he became a central figure in parachuting in Bulgaria, while also designing the first wing-suit in the country in the mid-1950s. He started his unique collection (of wooden airplane models in a 1:100 scale) in the early 1980s, creating at first models of the aircraft he had piloted, and has since reproduced a significant number of other models from aviation history.





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