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Selected Works in Progress

Morning Glory (2017-), video work in progress, jointly with Raha Farazmand*
Overlaps (2015-); jointly with Raha Farazmand*
Ice-Cream and Aviation (2014-)*
Boredom (2013-), video work in progress driven by the D.F. Wallace’s novel The Pale King*
Strange-ways (2012-)*
Warm Connection (2013-), work in progress for 235 and 225 Bowery, New York*
Ongoing Line (2011-), meant to be implemented at the Antarctica’s glacier snow accumulation zone*
Untameable is the Wind (2008-), the first part of which came to a close on 15.04.2010;  an eleven-month
journey land, passing through remote areas of Turkey, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Kazakhstan,
the Russian Federation, the Altai Republic, Mongolia, China, Tibet, Nepal, Lo Mantang, India, and Kashmir.*

Selected Works and Solo Exhibitions:

– What is passing through me, I pass through it (2009-); Strucrura Gallery, Sofia, BG –on permanent display
Ice-cream and Aviation (2014-); Rayko Aleksiev Gallery, Sofia, BG*
What is passing through me, I pass through it (2009-); Architectural Association, London, UK (C)
Chapter 36/50 (video fragment from Boredom, 2013-), Institute of Contemporary Art – Sofia, BG*
Project 0 (04.2010-06.2014),  Zlatarska Str., Kapana Quarter, Plovdiv, BG* (C)
Project 0 – International Conference (on the practices of art in the urban/public space), Plovdiv, BG
(Dis)appearance of the Content 2, Women’s market and Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia, BG*
Below the Traffic 2, Vladaya river, Sofia, BG*
Untitled object (2008-2012), work for the Sofia Art Gallery entrance, BG*
Project 0 (2010-2014), an exhibition at an informal space, Sofia, BG*
Jing -Jing -Jing, one-night outdoor screening across the building of the Bulgarian National Assembly, Sofia, BG*
3 seconds later, within the Art of Urban intervention: Transformation Spots –organised by ICA-Sofia and Rotor; Association, Vienna
Below the Traffic 1, Perlovetz river, Sofia, BG*
Exhale (2008), Raiko Aleksiev Gallery, Sofia, BG*
Dis/appearance of the content, 0gms Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria*
Who controls the controllers (2009-2011), Tiananmen Square, Beijing, CN*
Project 0 (2010-2014), Sariev Gallery, Plovdiv, BG* (C)
3/7/4, National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, BG
Feeder (Dead) Head (2008-2010), Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia, BG*
Switched Reality, National Gallery of Foreign Art, Sofia, BG*
Untitled, 21/A Angel Kanchev Str, Sofia, BG*

Selected participations:
Finale, Structura Gallery, Sofia, BG (C)
Sex Appeal, One Night Stand Gallery, Sofia, BG
Art for Change 1985-2015, Sofia Art Gallery, BG (C)
Discontent, CCA Plovdiv, BG (C)
– Exhibition of the artists nominated for The BAZA award (YVAA) 2013, Sofia Art Gallery
Raw showcases, Beursplein Ulicate e Coolsingel, NL (C)
Art Up, online platform for media art, Goethe Institute-Sofia
Magnet and Antimagnet, ICA-Sofia, BG
Idea of Home, Centre for Contemporary Art – Shipka 6, Sofia, BG
Sofia Contemporary 2012 (Festival), BG (C)
5th International Biennial of Young Artists, Bucharest 2012, RO (C)
– Exhibition of the artists nominated for The BAZA award (YVAA), Sofia Art Gallery, BG
Fragile, Atelier Tarwewijk Mijnsherenlaan, Rotterdam, NL
Reactions, Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia, BG
Group Show, 0gms Gallery, Sofia, BG (C)
The Art of Urban Intervention and Transformation Spots, a project of ICA-Sofia and Rotor Association
East of Best, Roodkapje Gallery, Rotterdam, NL (C)
Sofia Breathes Festival, 2011, BG
– Group Exhibition, Diyaa Art Foundation, Vadodara, India (C)
When Values Take Shape, Goethe-Institute Sofia, BG
Awards for Contemporary Bulgarian Art, Plovdiv, BG (C)
– A Glimpse outwards, Rakursi Gallery, Sofia, BG
– Exhibition of the artists nominated for the annual awards of St. Cyril and St. Methodius
International Foundation, Centre for Contemporary Art, Shipka 6, Sofia, BG
– The Forum (in collaboration), Ilindentsi Art Centre, BG
– The Passage, (in collaboration) created for the space of the 12AC Romanic Prieuré of Moret-sur-Loing, FR
– International Photographic Biennale, Herten, Germany


Updated November, 2019
* independent/self-funded
(C) catalogue/publication


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