Meeting In relation to the object

The meeting was held in two parts and its main theme was the idea of the object in time and in everyday life practices,
the problem of producing it and communicating it, creating a specific visual language in time.


The issues discussed in the first, theoretical part were:

  • the object in time
  • the objects and their materials and scale
  • the object and society — the way objects participate and create inner relationships inside the society
  • the objects and the human conscience – psychological perspective and the idea of the fetish
  • the objects and the everyday life practices – the visual language of the environment
  • the object and manufacturing of symbols

Second, practical part:
– individual exercises, everyone participates with a written text put into form, manifesting one’s idea of a sculpture/object (a memory, an impression, an idea etc.); the embodiment of one’s idea into text reveals the personal conditions and ways of recognising and working the objects on a conscious and subconscious level.

Participated architects:
Andrey Andreev / Antonina Ilieva / Boryana Marinova / Eva Popnedeleva / Hristo Stankushev / Hristo Hadzhiganchev / Kalin Zarkov / Magdalena Matanova / Martin Angelov / Maxim Mokdad / Oleg Vladimirov /Panayot Savov / Petya Nikolova / Ralitsa Zorteva / Rossitsa Hristova / Slavina Belincheva / Vassilka Stoyanova

* This meeting happened In the frame of Sofia Architecture Weak 2012 as a prat of “Architecture Seeks” organised by dontDIY and betahaus sofia.
© Kiril Kuzmanov